Welcome to Ed Sward Photography’s home on the web.  I have been involved with photography since the late 1950s beginning as a kid fascinated with watching images appear from blank paper. Photography remained a hobby until about 1973 when I sold my first images to a developer of strip-malls. This was a short-lived endeavor that died when the developer sold his properties and I went back to photography-as-a-hobby.

Over the years I earned a PhD in Chemistry and worked in R&D and Customer Technical Service with DuPont for a number of years in the US and overseas. This was followed by several years in market development with Celanese and then many years in financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, and business development for El Paso Products and El Paso Hydrocarbons. During this time I was also an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Management at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Spare time was spent in the becoming a proficient black and white shooter – composition, film processing and printing. Ahh, the wonderful aromas.

In 1987 we moved to Dallas and started a business, which did rather poorly, and then another. These businesses dominated my life and photography fell to taking a few pictures at family gatherings, very few. In the late 1990s I came to the conclusion there was more to life than running a business and began toying with the new kid on the block – digital photography.

Today my photography is a business, small and growing, yet still a business. When I go to a shoot it is with the purpose of satisfying a client, creating images that have commercial value, or for learning and expanding my skills in the art of photography.

Being a business person and photographer is an opportunity to give back to our  community and we provide photographic support  for In The City For Good, Outcry in the Bario, Mt Olive Food Pantry, Circle of Support, The Spectacular Senior Follies, and King of Glory Lutheran Church.  All 501(c)3 organizations. I also enjoy participating in the local Dallas Professional Photographer Association’s community support programs.

It is our objective to help our clients become more successful. If they are successful, we will be successful.

If there is some way we could help you please contact us by phone (972-985-0883) or email <edsward@swardphoto.com>.

Ed Sward


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